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The storm is closer but I don't mind
People keep dieing around  but I close my eyes and
All Ican do is keep breathing
And dreaming of you

The hair falls, the skin wrinkles
But I smile and keep breathing
I close my eyes and I see a child smile
And I keep breathing

I want to change the world
Instead I sleep
I want to see the world
Instead I'm in an hospital bed

But all that I know is that I'm breathing
All that I do is keep breathing

My pain is so deep
My body hurts so much
But all I can do is keep dreaming

I'm drowning in shallow water
And I struggle to get out
Then I close my eyes and I see my self breathing
And i keep breathing

The pink colours make me smile
So you paint the house pink for me
And I come home after another day of pain
And dance around

All I can do is keep breathing
All I can do is keep dreaming
All I can do is keep hoping
All i can do is keep sleeping, now
This is my entry for the "Think Pink V" contest created by [link] a dear friend and a cancer fighter like my mother, hope you like it dear.
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August 25, 2010
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