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Merry Christmas and a beautiful New Year

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 24, 2014, 7:02 AM
So another Christmas is upon us and another year is ending, so I came to wish you all a saint and beautiful Christmas and a wonderful start of the year. Hope all your dreams and projects come true and on this holidays you can be close to the ones you love and have a wonderful time. Wish you all lots of love, peace, harmony and all good thoughts.

Have a wonderful holiday time my dearest friends and hope all your dreams come true.

Love and peace

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 21, 2014, 10:00 AM
Hello sweethearts, I miss you all so much, the baby is growing like a weed and he just takes all my time, the little moments I got free I try to come here and look at everyones art. Miss doing art terribly and sometimes I feel a bit depressed.
On top of the baby being a handful my computer doesn't let me work on PS :(, breaks every time I try to save a bigger work so I'm just here waiting to get money for a new computer that lets me do stuff like I want too.

Miss you all, miss being here with you all, miss talking to you all, but you are always on my mind and in my heart.

Lots of love and a hug as big as the world

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Hello Sweethearts

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 2, 2014, 1:04 PM
Hello my beautiful and amazing friends, it's been a long while since I was online at DA. The baby almost won't let me come on my computer since he relies so much on me. He's growing up so fast and he's turning into a beautiful little boy, he's almost 7 months now and he's the most cute guy I've seen.
I logged in today after putting him to bed and saw all the birthday wishes and amazing gifts you all made me and it brought tears to my eyes. And I was thinking you all have forgotten me and that no one thought of me any more. You all warm my heart so much. I've also seen you all have done such amazing art this pass few months, it's amazing how much a lot of you have grown as artists and how much you have improved. And the others are just masters, seriously I'm so proud to call you all my friends because there aren't many ppl in the world with the privilege to have such amazing people and artists as friends.

I'll try to be more online now since the little one sleep all night now and I have a bit more time to be here with you all.
Until then, lots of love and peace. Hugs and kisses to you all, hope to see you all soon :heart:

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Little ray of sunshine

Journal Entry: Wed May 7, 2014, 3:20 AM
Hello all beautiful people, it's been too long since I came here, but had so much going on in my life that it was hard for me to catch up with DA.

My pregnancy was a bit hard because I had diabetes at 32 weeks and I had to take insulin on a daily bases and had to go on a strict diet till the end but my baby boy was born healthy as a peach :iconheart:. His name is Rodrigo and this Saturday is going to be a month old. She is beautiful and a wonderful baby.

The nights have been tough because he has gas and he has a lot of pain sometimes so he cries a lot sometimes, but he is the most beautiful baby boy.

Hopefully I can return to art soon because I miss creating so much.

Love to all and I hope everything is ok with each and everyone of you :love:

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Happy New Year everyone

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 1, 2014, 7:56 AM
Wishing you all my dearest friends a wonderful and beautiful New Year, I hope this new journey brings you lots of love, happiness, compassion, friendship and all your dreams come true :heart: :love:

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Merry Christmas

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 24, 2013, 3:50 AM
Wanted to wish all my lovely friends across the world a merry and saint Christmas, if you do not celebrate it, I still wish you all, a nice and wonderful week filled with the best things life can offer you and your family. May God look for all of you and give you joy and love in this time of the year:santa: :rudolph: :iconbellsplz:

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It's a boy

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 12, 2013, 2:50 AM
Hi everyone, I just wanted to share the good news with all of you because many don't have me on FB, we are having a baby boy :iconjoyplz:, I felt it since the first day I was having a boy but there is always that little doubt behind your ear so I really wanted to wait until I was 100% sure and I couldn't be happier.

Having a couple was always my wish and now it came true. We are really really happy about because he's healthy weights 594 g already and it's perfect, he's growing well and he looks so beautiful already :love:.

Just wanted to share the good news to all of you sweet deviants and friends.

Love and peace Maria :rose:

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Please keep Raz in your prayers (update)

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 21, 2013, 11:03 AM
Great and exiting news, our dear friend is back and talking :D, so happy for him and his family please keep on sending your love and good vibes to him and all the prayers you can give :heart:

<da:thumb id="416444030"/>

Just logged to get really sad news, our friend :iconrazielmb: is worst and in deep coma, please keep him in your :pray: and light a candle for him tonight. All details here Information about my twin brother RazielMB
I know many friends of :iconrazielmb: worry alot about him and miss him when he is not here.
So yesterday I asked his brother
:iconlucvonedler29: for permission to write this journal and inform about my twin.
A few days ago he fell into deep coma and have sufferd dangerous complications =(
The scheduled chemotherapy treatment yesterday was cancelled .
and the last I know is an update a few hours ago that there is no change, he is still in deep coma with unstable vital signs and very low irregular pulse.
I´m sorry for few words and honest I dont know  "a good way"   to tell you all horrible news like this.
But as I said I know Raz is very loved and many worry about him so I wanted to tell .
I can not reach all his friends, but maby we all can help each other  and tell to our friends.
I will write here as fast as I get any updates.
:iconheartcandleplz: :iconheartcandleplz:
And I want to ask you all to keep my twin in your prayers and help me
 lets all support him with our positive thoughts and prayers. Lets give him the way to come back to all of us and to his beloved family.

:iconheartcandleplz: :iconheartcandleplz: :iconheartcandleplz:

<da:thumb id="416033202"/>

Sorry I'm done, Goodbye

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 5, 2013, 4:42 AM
I'm sorry but I'm done with dA.
This community has so much to give to each other but it seems most are only worried about who copies from who, how, when, where......
We have such amazing artists here that could offer so much to each other, good things, lessons on how to be a better artist, teachings on how to create your own unique stuff but instead you keep bashing each other, saying this person is evil or that person is a thief or the other one who said this and that about someone. STOP seriously just STOP.

Not accusing anyone because the problem is not just one person is a hole lot of people who keep doing this to each other.
There is room for everyone, there is a big out world outside with tons of space for every single one of us. Why keep going on each other's throughts all the time like famine lions on their pray?

Each one of us as an unique way to see the world, we can see it with the same eyes, with the same soul even, why try to crash and burn all the time?

I had enough, this is my last stand, I'm out.

I'm pregnant, my hormones are going insane and I have no time or will to come back here and read over and over again someone trying to destroy another person, because it used the same stock or made a similar piece, or didn't credit the person who got the inspiration from, or used a ring and forgot to credit, or "if your friends with this person, you can't be mine"......Seriously we are not 5 year olds we are adults, start acting like one.

I apologize for my aggressive behavior right now, most of you know I don't act out on rage and it's killing me to do this, but I really had enough.

We have so much to give, good things to offer to each other, but it seems people prefer to destroy instead of built.

Update: I've reactivated my account but only to support the people who has nothing to do with the nonsense but I'm warning all of my watchers and the people I watch, IF I see a journal bashing another person for no good reason OR if I get any notes trash talking for nothing I WILL remove you with from my watch list OR I will block you from my page, I hope this is perfectly clear to all

Maria out 

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A question I really need answered

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 25, 2013, 4:28 AM
Hi guys, it's been a long time since I've created anything, I wanted to start again but I've seen across DA many people complain that someone said they've copied their work.

Well I've gone through 10 thousands deviations from different people using the exact same stocks and I have to say most of the stocks I've saved for myself too because I found them beautiful.

Her comes the question.....if I use the same stock as most of the people here, ( I'm not rich and I'm on a tight budget right now with the pregnancy expenses and all so I can't really buy stock) will I be also considered a copycat?

I've seen great artists be accused of "copying" from other artist, witch was totally unfair and wrong to do so because the artists didn't do such a thing, so how can I a small learner of the trade do it without being also accused?

I don't know if it's the hormones talking or something but I feel so sad right now with this site, with some of the people in it, I feel terrible and really afraid to do anything now because I'm genuine afraid to be pointed out as a copycat.

How can I solve this dilemma, I really am genuine concerned on this matter and I'm afraid to do anything, just loosing the will to try and create anything

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Birthday Feature and my thanks

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 2:38 AM
Hi sweeties, I'm overwhelmed by the amount of love I get from you all here on DA. First with the news of my pregnancy and after with all the birthday wishes you all sent me.
I have to say, my blood family may not care about me at all, but I know for sure my heart family does and I don't feel alone.

Telling you all thanks doesn't seem to describe my feelings for all of you and it feels so little, but I can't find any other word to let you know how thankful and joyful I am. Thank you all my dears for being here for me, for being such loving and caring people, for letting me know I'm not alone and for letting me feel so loved.

I got such wonderful and amazing gifts from my friends and so many birthday wishes I was overwhelmed:

Time constants and corrosion 2-Idoallo es korrozio by ladyjudina One thousand thoughts by CathleenTarawhiti  Frozen Love 2013 by nudagimo Irradiance by sesam-is-open  The Wanderer by KarinClaessonArt Until the end by MelieMelusine Undying by AngelesRR The Phantom by magicsart Cats by EstherPuche-Art Temptation by vampirekingdom Insomnia by stellartcorsica Lavender by SeventhFairy

Loved every single of them, they are all so beautiful and special, thank you dears.

My heart is with all my friends as well who are going for a rough time, either fighting a disease or having a family member sick or in a hospital, stay strong my friends, God will sure lighten your burdens, my thoughts and :pray: are with you all.

Love and peace, Maria

Sharing the great news

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 10, 2013, 2:47 AM
Hi dears, so as promised I am sharing the great news with you all. After a long wait to see what would happen I can now let you all know that I am pregnant :iconcelebrates1plz::iconcelebrates2plz:.

Three months pregnant to be exact of a healthy and perfect little baby, yesterday in my checkup I made an ultra-sound just to check if he was ok and in perfect health and it seems all is just fine and in fact we even know he might be a baby boy, he let us see his "extra finger" but it isn't certain yet :D. All points to it but somehow I always knew from the first day this time it would be a baby boy. We are thrilled and can't be happy enough.

After I found out I was pregnant I was terrified that it would happen the same as last year when I lost the baby at 8 weeks. The terrifying thought that it could happen again took over me and until I made the first ultra-sound I didn't rest, I was loosing little bits of blood and it was ripping me apart. Took anti-abortion meds to make sure he would stick and after the ultra-sound I rested, the baby was ok, the placenta was fine and I wasn't loosing blood, it was just something that sometimes happens when the placenta glues to the uterus and some blood vessels burst. After that it was the fear of the baby not being healthy with a disability or a chromosome disease and I couldn't rest until I was certain he was safe and in good health, so you can imagine how thrilled and happy we were yesterday after the doctor check him out and told us he was in good health and the risk of him having any type of problem is less then 1%.

Thank you so much for still remembering me and for being here for me even when I wasn't present. I received all your messages and I'm trying to go through all my messages as soon as possible because I still need a lot of rest ( because the little kid just wants me to sleep all the time xD).

Love you all, lots of hugs and kisses 

Hello sweeties

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 8, 2013, 5:11 AM

Hi all my dearest and beautiful people, it's been sooo long since I last logged on DA and I have a very good explanation to you all, but I will only be able to let you know tomorrow because it is a secret :P. I hardly have been online anywhere and on the computer even, it is nothing bad in fact it is a very nice thing. I will attend tomorrow and start going through all the messages I got ( you can imagine I have ALOT of them postponed xD). So I'm still here, alive and kicking so no need to worry about me ok?

Love you all, with a lot of :hug:'s and :iconmonkeykissplz: I'll see you all tomorrow :)

Please spread the word about this person (update2)

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 2, 2013, 2:09 AM

So I was making my way back to DA when the first journal I stumbled was from my dearest friend :iconnudagimo: she was sending word about a bad person who hurt, harass and stalked a fellow deviant.

I'm stunned and so mad right now....he had no right to hurt someone else, so I'm asking all of you dear friends and follower spread the word about this person and lets all take action to make this person go away of our great community.

I'm posting the two journals talking about this situation, the deviants who wrote them know the story better and closer then me:

WarningIn my previous journal entry, I made a warning about this member : :icondan-dano: (other accounts : :iconnanny-art: :iconalgerioarabica: ) He had indeed harassed by insulting my friend , and did not cease to send notes to her. He had created a second account to continue his unhealthy behavior. Then he deactivated his two accounts. My friend had also disabled her account and had to create a new account and start over : :iconmagic-sugar-bubbles:
The problem is that today, he reactivated his account, he was able to find my friend, he sent a note to my friend, he has published on his account only subjects about my friend. Therefore, my friend feels spied on, stalked. She does not feel well and I understand her feelings. This is moral harassment. My feelings is anger and rage against that member.
I want to say that if any person, friend of this member, gave him the new account of my friend, I find this action unacceptable. After all what he said to my friend, this member had no possible exc

Hello my dear friends!
It's not with pleasure that I write this paper, I would like to present to you my artworks, but you need to know such informations and forward them to stop gangrene DA.
In my turn, I want to warn you of a member who prevails on DA :icondan-dano:. He harasses women and my best friend, so fragile presently, sending her notes insulting her and her sexuality.
The consequence is voluntary disabling accounts of my friend :iconchamallow25: then recreated another account :iconmagic-sugar-bubbles: believing it to be cleared, but he tracked like a helpless prey and harasses  her by sending notes.
Obviously several female members have been harassed by this member.
I 've taken action with DA admins to stop this kind of bad attitude. 
My friend Kurtzan (here is his journal on this story, also took action on its own.
If you have been harassed by this member, don't hesitate to make a reppor

Please dearests help her out

Got an answer from our dear CV Aeirmid and she wrote me that all the people that get harassed by him should do the follow on ALL the accounts he contacted you on:

OK. Here is what you guys need to do:

1. BLOCK HIM. It's under your Settings.

2. FILE A HELP DESK REPORT for harassment.

3. Mark the notes that he has sent you as SPAM. That can be done by looking at the "Mark As" button in the upper right corner of your notes section and selecting "Spam" at the bottom. That's the only way Staff can see what he's done.

This way he will be banned from all his accounts for sure, so spread the words dears and together we can bring him to DA justice

WE WON!!!!!HE GOT BANNED FROM ALL HIS ACCOUNTS!!!Thanks to all of us fighting the good fight WE WON :iconcheerplz:. Thanks also and deeply to :iconaeirmid: for her talk to the admins and to give us all some feedback on what to do in this situations, she is the best and I think the admins took special attention to this after her talk to them :tighthug:

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So sorry my dearest friends

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 8, 2013, 3:43 AM

I'm so sorry my dearest friends for running so late on my messages and for not being so active right now but I've been without time.

First my daughter is on school vacations, so I try to spend more time with her, it's been too hot here, so I've been with her on the beach or just playing with her.
Secondly and not less important, I've been very busy on the contest Behind Boundaries and with my dearest coach :iconliliaosipova: she has been very patient and an amazing coach and i'm learning so much, some steps from my homeworks are driving me crazy so I spend most of the time with my hands between my head and thinking. It's been so great.

So please forgive me if I take long to answer your amazing comments or your amazing feature from my works ok? I miss you all so much and I'm going to try to be more online here and to answer u al properly

With much love and lot of hugs Maria

PS: I didn't forget any of you :heart:

Please to all that can help

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 5, 2013, 1:17 AM

I came across this plea on :iconmoonbeam13: journal A Personal CauseSince it's inception in 2002, I have participated in the Weekend to End Women's Cancers.  This event involves a 60km trek and a personal fundraising minimum of $2,000. Over the last 10 years I have been involved, I have raised over 50,000 and it's never been easy.  The last couple of years have been particularly difficult because, let's be honest, there are a bunch of causes to support and only so much money to go around.  I completely appreciate that there are numerous causes banging on your door,  however, I will plead my case!  Over the years there are certainly numerous causes that have come to my attention and, like you, I have a limited budget. My cause is pretty simple - it's Cancer.  In my lifetime I have lost family members and it's tried to take my mother, twice.  
I witnessed my grandmother's fight first hand and I can't express the helplessness one feels when y
and I had to share it, she is doing a wonderful work for an amazing cause and all of you out there that can in fact help with even 1 dollar should help.

I've lost both my parents, my grandmother, my aunt and my mother-in-law to this disease, have two other uncles with it too, but they both fought it and thankfully they are still with us, so I know for personal and extended experience how devastating this disease can be in a family or even among friends. So please help out, by sharing her journal, by donating money, you name it, just please spread the word and let us all together make her goal our goal too.

Thank you in advanced

A Personal CauseSince it's inception in 2002, I have participated in the Weekend to End Women's Cancers.  This event involves a 60km trek and a personal fundraising minimum of $2,000. Over the last 10 years I have been involved, I have raised over 50,000 and it's never been easy.  The last couple of years have been particularly difficult because, let's be honest, there are a bunch of causes to support and only so much money to go around.  I completely appreciate that there are numerous causes banging on your door,  however, I will plead my case!  Over the years there are certainly numerous causes that have come to my attention and, like you, I have a limited budget. My cause is pretty simple - it's Cancer.  In my lifetime I have lost family members and it's tried to take my mother, twice.  
I witnessed my grandmother's fight first hand and I can't express the helplessness one feels when y

I am outrage!!!

Journal Entry: Thu May 30, 2013, 2:04 AM

Ok I've been very comprehensive towards DA and this "porn" situation for long enough. I've seen in the last couple of days my friends here on DA complain and complain about the porno being out there to everyone to see on this site but I never though how bad it was until today.

So I was posting my new piece Last Dance by MariaBeloArt on DA and posted under the file photomanipulation/people and as I was about to credit my stockers I looked to my right and over the "more like this" it was this #TeamAss or #TittyTeam by bootycheekpete and I was outraged and even a bit offended.....

Seriously??????And I was even more chocked when I realized besides that image there were like 30 more images with  women with gigantic asses and boobs and they were all under photomanipulation/people and I was disgust. Sorry but I can't have my art associated with that, because I can't understand what my piece as to do with all of those.....I'm outrage and chocked and even a bit pissed because I'm respectful and a mother and I don't and won't be associated with those types of art. So from now on I'll never EVER post my art under that category.

This place is turning to filth and I'm so sad to see it go that way and I'm totally on board with all my friends that are leaving DA because of this. If they don't take action on this I'm sure a lot more good and amazing artists will leave soon enough.

Sorry for my vent but this is going too far and I'm just.......arrrgh

Way behind on my messages

Journal Entry: Mon May 27, 2013, 1:18 AM

Hi guys, I just wanted to apologize for being way behind on my messages, but time has been an issue for me and I have little to come online on dA and so the messages piled up. So so sorry if I only :+fav: and ran I really wanted to leave a comment on every piece I look into but you guys make so much beautiful things in so little time that I can't keep up :rofl:. And I think I watch too many groups and people at the same time and that makes it even harder :(. So please bare with me and don't think I'm getting uptight ok? I really love every piece I :+fav:. Lots of love and kisses

Maria :heart:

My prays to you

Journal Entry: Wed May 22, 2013, 12:44 AM

Hello my dearest watchers and friends, I am devastated by the terrible tragedy in Oklahoma, we saw in the news here in Portugal the devastation and destruction the tornado made and I  was in tears, my prays goes to the families and all the people at Moore and I do hope God gives you strength to start again. I'm so so sorry for all the lives lost in the disaster and I do hope all my good friends down there are safe and well.

Please I ask all of you to keep every one in your :pray: today. God bless you all and stay safe

Feature plus a great news and thanks

Journal Entry: Mon May 13, 2013, 3:01 AM

Hi my dearest watchers and beloved friends, first I want to apologize for piling up my messages and for late replies but life it's still busy and crazy so I have less time to come here and fav all your beautiful works, I do see them all and I try to answer as fast as I can but it's just been hard.

Second I wanted to let you all know that my work Spanish Look by MariaBeloArt won one of the spots on :iconcathleentarawhiti: book cover challenge and I couldn't have done it without all your help guys, you gave me strength and will to continue and your amazing support means the world to me, thank you so so much for believing in me :love:

I feel honoured for having an amazing friend like :iconshiny-shadows-art: that made me and sweet :iconsandra-cristhina: this beautiful gift :love:
Angel by shiny-shadows-Art just loved it dear thank you for this means a lot to me :tighthug:

And now feast your eyes in all this amazing pieces of art that I just loved:

Anastasia by Flobelebelebobele Final Fantasy by In2umniaKillH3r Lost Love by KarinClaessonArt Drop dead demons by ElenaDudina VENUS DOOM ANGEL by NebelelfeNaemy The Last Dream by Surehuinel Pretty Face P2- Taylor Swift by Amro0 Serenity by DesignbyKatt Dark Queen by LevanaTempest Lone Warrior by Dani-Owergoor Countess Diana by kaderart Resting by SeventhFairy :thumb370820730: Lady Spider by EstherPuche-Art Sleeping Wood Nymph by Le-Regard-des-Elfes The Dragon Warrior by maiarcita Feel the Presence by CaryAndFrankArts Old Park Ghosts by AliaChek Mia by PaperDreamerArt Lost in a daydream by EunoiaEcoas Solitude by stellartcorsica Le Chapelier Fou by Marjie79 Arrival by MachiavelliCro Esprit by Kallaria The Red Hotel by tamaraR Liquisentinal Spy. by hybridgothica Black Beauty by EnchantedWhispersArt Pure Light by vampirekingdom Just One Last Chance . . . by shiny-shadows-Art Watching over the storm by neverdying Path to Golden City by zoozee A Wonderful Dream by Wesley-Souza BOOK COVER CONTEST : Fire within me by saritaangel07

Mature Content

. F L U X . by J-u-d-a-s
Daughter of the starry twilight by Daystar-Art Seeing Miracles Every Day by megan7 Jessica by Garden-Of-BlackRoses protect our mother earth by Lhianne In Her Eyes by Ideasplayer

As you can see all this works are unique in their own way and all just perfect, I have the privilege to call some of these artists friends and it's my great honour to feature such masters in their own craft. Love you all and thank you so much for being the biggest fount of inspiration I could have :love:

Have an outstanding week all.

PS: I wanted to let you know that my idea of the group is still up, but since I had like little to no time at all to give it body, it's post pone for now. If any of you would like to give me a hand to kick it to a start please send me a note with ideas and such, I'll answer them in due time.